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Leahey, Beckman, & Stanko (2016). Prominent but Less Productive: The Impact of Interdisciplinarity on Scientists’ Research

Erin Leahey – University of Arizona
Christine M. Beckman – University of Maryland
Taryn L. Stanko – California Polytechnic State University

Insiya Hussain – University of Maryland
Tianyu He – INSEAD

Article link:

2017 New Year: A Conversation with Henrich Greve, ASQ Editor

The ASQ blog opens 2017 with a video interview with Henrich Greve, our ASQ editor.

In this video, Henrich shared with us the steps ASQ has taken or will be taking to stay impactful, and discussed the role ASQ plays in the management field. He also talked about the hopes and messages he has for schools and scholars.

Get inspired and stay tuned for ASQ blog in the new year!