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Clement, Shipilov, & Galunic (2018). Brokerage as a Public Good: The Externalities of Network Hubs for Different Formal Roles in Creative Organizations


Julien Clement – INSEAD

Andrew Shipilov – INSEAD

Charles Galunic – INSEAD


Tianyu He – INSEAD

Tom Taiyi Yan – University of Maryland

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Short & Toffel (2010). Making Self-Regulation More Than Merely Symbolic: The Critical Role of the Legal Environment


Jodi L. Short – University of California, Hastings
Michael W. Toffel – Harvard University


Xuege (Cathy) Lu – Cornell University
Bjoern Mitzinneck – Cornell University

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Ranganathan (2018). The Artisan and His Audience: Identification with Work and Price Setting in a Handicraft Cluster in Southern India


Aruna Ranganathan – Stanford GSB


Hui Sun – Northwestern University

Xuege (Cathy) Lu – Cornell University

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Kovács & Sharkey (2014). The Paradox of Publicity: How Awards Can Negatively Affect the Evaluation of Quality


Balázs Kovács – Yale School of Management

Amanda J Sharkey – Booth School of Business, The University of Chicago


Nick Mmbaga – University of Tennessee, Knoxville

Trey Lewis – University of Tennessee, Knoxville

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Malhotra, Reus, Zhu, & Roelofsen (2017). The Acquisitive Nature of Extraverted CEOs


Shavin Malhotra –  University of Waterloo

Taco H. Reus – Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University

PengCheng Zhu – University of San Diego

Erik M. Roelofsen – Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University


Xena Welch Guerra – University of St. Gallen

Stevo Pavićević – University of Zurich

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2018 New Year: A Conversation with Henrich Greve, ASQ Editor

The ASQ blog opens 2018 with a video interview with Henrich Greve, our ASQ editor.

In this video, Henrich reflected on the milestones and achievement of ASQ in the past year with increasing submission, readership and impact. He shared with us the initiatives that ASQ has taken or will be taking, including improving evidence presentation and organizing workshops and conferences, to stay impactful and helpful for scholars in the management field. He also especially discussed the important role of ASQ blog and ASQ’s interaction with doctoral students. 

Get inspired and stay tuned for ASQ blog in the new year!

Top Posts of 2017

The ASQ blog team wish you a productive and fruitful 2018!

Here we present the list of top posts in 2017 on the ASQ blog: take a look and get drunk on some scholarly wisdom before you open the Happy New Year champagne!

1. A Conversation with Henrich Greve, ASQ Editor

2. Thanksgiving Special: Writing Tips for ASQ Submissions

3. Berg (2016). Balancing on the Creative Highwire: Forecasting the Success of Novel Ideas in Organizations

4. ASQ Improving Evidence Presentation: Resources and Tools

5. Behind the Scenes with ASQ Managing Editor Linda Johanson

6. Gupta & Wowak (2017). The Elephant (or Donkey) in the Boardroom: How Board Political Ideology Affects CEO Pay

7. Leahey, Beckman, & Stanko (2016). Prominent but Less Productive: The Impact of Interdisciplinarity on Scientists’ Research

8. Chen & Nadkarni (2017). It’s about Time! CEOs’ Temporal Dispositions, Temporal Leadership, and Corporate Entrepreneurship

9. Bidwell (2011). Paying More to Get Less: The Effects of External Hiring Versus Internal Mobility

10. A Conversation with Matthew Bidwell, winner of the 2017 ASQ Award for Scholarly Contribution