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Smith & Besharov (2017). Bowing before Dual Gods: How Structured Flexibility Sustains Organizational Hybridity

Authors: Wendy K. Smith – University of Delaware Marya L. Besharov – Cornell University (ILR) Interviewers: Eric Volmar – Stanford University (Management Science & Engineering) Jason Rathje – Stanford University (Management Science & Engineering) Article link: Question 1. Your paper has a particularly compelling introduction that includes a personal experience with Digital Divide Data. What was your initial […]

Salvato & Rerup(2018). Routine regulation: Balancing conflicting goals in organizational routines


Carlo Salvato – Bocconi University

Claus Rerup – Frankfurt School of Finance and Management


David K. Reetz – Technical University of Munich

Stevo Pavićević – University of Zurich

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