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Top Posts of 2017

The ASQ blog team wish you a productive and fruitful 2018!

Here we present the list of top posts in 2017 on the ASQ blog: take a look and get drunk on some scholarly wisdom before you open the Happy New Year champagne!

1. A Conversation with Henrich Greve, ASQ Editor

2. Thanksgiving Special: Writing Tips for ASQ Submissions

3. Berg (2016). Balancing on the Creative Highwire: Forecasting the Success of Novel Ideas in Organizations

4. ASQ Improving Evidence Presentation: Resources and Tools

5. Behind the Scenes with ASQ Managing Editor Linda Johanson

6. Gupta & Wowak (2017). The Elephant (or Donkey) in the Boardroom: How Board Political Ideology Affects CEO Pay

7. Leahey, Beckman, & Stanko (2016). Prominent but Less Productive: The Impact of Interdisciplinarity on Scientists’ Research

8. Chen & Nadkarni (2017). It’s about Time! CEOs’ Temporal Dispositions, Temporal Leadership, and Corporate Entrepreneurship

9. Bidwell (2011). Paying More to Get Less: The Effects of External Hiring Versus Internal Mobility

10. A Conversation with Matthew Bidwell, winner of the 2017 ASQ Award for Scholarly Contribution

Thanksgiving Special: Writing Tips for ASQ Submissions

In this article, the ASQ Editorial Office shares with us what makes a good manuscript for ASQ submission

Anteby (2010). Markets, Morals, and Practices of Trade: Jurisdictional Disputes in the U.S. Commerce in Cadavers


Michel Anteby – Questrom School of Business, Boston University


Mara Guerra – Imperial College London

Lin Dong –  Imperial College London

Article link:

Dalpiaz, Rindova, & Ravasi (2016). Combining Logics to Transform Organizational Agency: Blending Industry and Art at Alessi


Elena Dalpiaz – Imperial College London

Violina Rindova – USC Marshall School of Business

Davide Ravasi – Cass Business School


Andrea Contigiani – The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania

Amy Zhao-Ding –  INSEAD

Article link:

Truelove & Kellogg (2016). The Radical Flank Effect and Cross-occupational Collaboration for Technology Development during a Power Shift


Emily Truelove – MIT Sloan School of Management

Katherine Kellogg – MIT Sloan School of Management


Kevin Lee – Leonard N. Stern School of Business, New York University

Laura Dupin – EMLYON Business School

Article link:

O’Mahony & Bechky (2008). Boundary organizations: Enabling collaboration among unexpected allies


Siobhan O’Mahony – Questrom School of Business, Boston University

Beth Bechky – Leonard N. Stern School of Business, New York University


Jochem Hummel – VU University Amsterdam

Stavros Polykarpou – Judge Business School, University of Cambridge

Article link:

Azoulay, Repenning, & Zuckerman (2010). Nasty, Brutish, and Short: Embeddedness Failure in the Pharma industry


Pierre Azoulay – MIT Sloan School of Management

Nelson P. Repenning – MIT Sloan School of Management

Ezra W. Zuckerman – MIT Sloan School of Management


Valentina A. Assenova – Yale University

Kevin Lee –  Leonard N. Stern School of Business, New York University

Article link: