Celebrating Our Two Year Anniversary

Dear faithful readers-

As most of you probably know, the annual Academy of Management conference is neigh upon us, which means that many of the topics discussed here will come to life in countless paper presentations, PDWs, and informal get-togethers.

This year’s conference also marks the blog’s two-year anniversary, which is worth celebrating. Since August 2013, we have published 45 interviews (already 25 this year) and reached nearly 5,000 readers in nearly 50 countries (at least according to wordpress analytics)! We would like to extend our thanks to all of the student interviewers and published authors who have been featured on this site, along with Jerry Davis, Linda Johanson, Joan Friedman, and everyone else who helps make ASQ the premier journal in our field.

We would also like to thank you, the reader, for visiting the blog and engaging with the research presented here. For those of you have enjoyed the blog from afar but have yet to participate, please note that we’re actively recruiting new student interviewers. If you’d like to join the team, please email us at ASQblog@gmail.com and we’ll get the ball rolling. The process is simple, the time commitment is minimal, and the reward is significant (both in terms of knowledge acquisition and new professional ties).

Also, while at AOM in Vancouver this year, consider attending the many activities put on by the OMT Division. Sign up for new OMT Cafe and Bike Rides, which are a great opportunity to meet new people and explore the city, all in a relaxed and fun atmosphere. Alternatively, meet up with friends and colleagues at both the Meet OMT Social (Friday 6 – 8 PM in Convention Center Room 211) and OMT Social Hour (Monday 7:30 – 9 PM in Convention Center Room East Ballroom A). If you have any questions regarding these events, please email Derek Harmon (djharmon@usc.edu). Looking forward to seeing you there!

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